Positive Leadership Awards 2023







By collecting, studying and amplifying examples of positive leadership, the Positive Leadership Awards define a new benchmark for impactful leadership practices that inspire others to improve their organizations, communities, and the world at large.

Over the past 20 years, since the birth of the positive psychology movement, we have witnessed a significant shift in the world from fixing what’s wrong to nurturing what’s right. More than ever, leaders on all levels of organizational hierarchy strive to create positive change by creating environments where individuals, teams and entire organizations flourish.

The global pandemic and crises of the last years highlighted unsustainability of the old approaches and triggered the search for the new standard of leadership. We believe Positive Leadership is the “new normal” of the management world, where leaders are brave to actively reimagine and create a better world for all.

The Positive Leadership Awards was developed to facilitate its adoption by honouring individuals regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy, industry or geographical location who exemplify Positive Leadership practices.


The be considered for the annual Positive Leadership Awards, a person needs to be nominated. Whether you nominate yourself or someone else nominates you, the process of winner selection is the same:

Send a nomination form

We will ask you to evaluate the nominee based on how much this person displays traits of positive leadership as well as to provide anecdotal evidence of such behavior.

Judge evaluations

After all nominations have been received, the judge panel will examine the evidence provided in support of each nominee and evaluate its correspondence to positive leadership principles. 

Results announcement

No more than 10% of nominees can be awarded a Positive Leadership Award or given a Honorable Mention status in a given year. Unsuccessful nominees will receive personal feedback based on scores they receive.


From the thousands of entries submitted during the nomination period, the judge panel independently inspects each nominee and rate them based on their respective judging criteria. Each entry is evaluated by multiple judge members. There are three main factors that influence the final evaluation of the nominee:

Positive Leadership Practice

The extent to which a leader displays behaviours consistent with  Positive Direction, Positive Motivation, Positive Capital and Positive Climate

Current & Potential Impact

The number of received nominations for a leader representing the current and potential positive impact the nominee can create

The global jury consists of both academics and practitioners of positive leadership. Since the Positive Leadership Award is a personal award, to ensure objectivity of the judging process, all nominees are anonymized during the judging process and the list of jury members is disclosed only after the results are announced.


September 4, 2023: Nomination window opens;
December 17, 2023: Extended deadline for submitting nominations;
January 15, 2024: Result announcement.

Nominating yourself or anyone else is completely free of charge. Unlike any other awards, there is no cost associated to be qualified as a candidate for an award. The only cost that winners might incur is in case they want to order personalized memorabilia.

The Positive Leadership Awards is the only award in the world that is dedicated to positive organizational practices. Whether you are a CEO or a first-time manager, you are not getting judged by who submitted the nomination but by the techniques and practices you use that help your team, organization, and other stakeholders flourish. Being recognized among the most prominant Positive Leaders in the world in a given year is a lifetime achievement in itself. As a result, winners of the award get significant attention both from the media outlets and employers. Our support team will help winners maximize their exposure by providing shareable collateral.

That’s alright – in fact, less than 10% of nominees actually get an award or an honorable mention. This is not a reason to be discouraged – rather consider applying next year with an even stronger application. To help you with that, every person who gets nominated by at least 3 peers will receive their personal report with feedback. The reports will demonstrate where a specific candidate stands with respect to all components of the pyramid of positive leadership. So if you think from this perspective, you win always when you get nominated for the Positive Leadership Awards.

To get nominated for the Positive Leadership Awards – there is no minimum criteria. However, we encourage everyone to keep in mind the evaluation criteria mentioned above, which will impact the likelihood of a nominee actually receiving the award. 
To receive a personalized feedback report in the end of the awards – you would need to be nominated by at least 3 different people to receive it. 

On average, it takes about 15-20 minutes to fill in the nomination form. We encourage you to find a quiet place free of distractions as it will help you provide more elaborated examples and, hence, help judges fully evaluate and appreciate the nomination. 

You will receive a ‘Thank You’ message after submitting the nomination form, as well as an automatic confirmation will be sent to you via email. Please make sure add our domain to your email whitelist to avoid our communication getting into a spam folder and being blocked altogether.

In short, you can share the nomination form with others to get even more support for your nomination. The more people nominate the same person, the higher the chance of winning the award. For nominee resources and further information, please consult this page.

Positive Leadership Awards is open to nominees from all across the world – there is no benefit or disadvantage to be from one country or another. The only limitation is that nominations need to be submitted in English so that our international jury could understand them and assess them accordingly. 

No, as a global award, there is no physical event where you have to be present for receiving your award. All communication and recognition will be provided remotely while memorabilia will be shipped using global courier services.

Absolutely – it’s an annual award. We always appreciate seeing nominees improving and demonstrating their Positive Leadership practices from year to year. 

Here are a few ideas to  

1. You can help the leaders from your organization to get as many nominations as possible, improving their chances of wining the award.  

2. You can encourage managers on all levels of the organization to participate and get feedback on their leadership skills.

3. You can celebrate the victory of one of your employees internally and externally to magnify their recognition and to strengthen your employer brand.  

Please contact our team here and they will get back to you with further details.