Positive Leadership Awards 2023

Positive Leadership Award 2023 is presented to

Cheryl Morrison

who has been selected from 7 399 nominations submitted from 18 countries across five continents and recognized as a positive leadership champion, helping people, teams and organizations thrive

Winner’s Best Practice

Make it your mission to genuinely understand your people and, equally important, allow them to understand you. I believe that positive outcomes stem from actively fostering trust, deeply understanding individuals, and aligning their inherent strengths and passions with a team or company vision. A true understanding of people reveals how each unique contribution fits into the bigger picture, guiding teams toward their most impactful work. When individuals feel their skills are in harmony with their tasks, their performance naturally excels. Moreover, as they effortlessly enhance results, their sense of empowerment grows, further connecting them to the broader company vision.

Quick Facts


Cheryl Morrison has spent the last 20 years in healthcare and is currently the COO for Providence Health Plan, where she oversees both the day-to-day operational functions as well as Transformation. She is known for her innovative operating model designs and leveraging an “outside in” perspective to bring about a better experience across the continuum of healthcare touch points. As a thoughtful leader, she is known to inspire others through unclouded vision and courageous authenticity. Cheryl is enthusiastic about helping others and is deeply aligned with the mission to compassionately provide the highest quality care to all people.

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