Positive Leadership Awards 2023

Positive Leadership Award 2023 is presented to

Dennis Tonon

who has been selected from 7 399 nominations  submitted from 18 countries across five continents and recognized as a positive leadership champion, helping people, teams and organizations thrive

Winner’s Best Practice

In the current work landscape, marked by relentless layoffs and growing difficulty in retaining talent, corporate well-being emerges as a revolutionary force. At the heart of this transformation stands Positive Organization, a bold initiative that redefines the rules of the game for courageous companies choosing to embrace it. The implementation of a cross-cutting project becomes crucial, involving and inspiring every individual through training programs on the science of happiness, stress management, effective communication, and the development of multiple intelligences, among various themes, blending theory with practical experience. Every enterprise, whether a manufacturer, a technology company, or a consulting firm, finds its value in the people who make it up. In the contemporary corporate context, power and influence in today's companies have less to do with employees' positions in the organizational chart and more to do with their ability to energize others within their organizational networks. Therefore, it is imperative to train neglected character muscles and fully understand the human essence. Investing in corporate well-being through training and staff development lays the foundation for creating a positive work environment where people are at the center, and corporate success arises as a natural consequence. This approach propagated globally, promotes an organizational culture that values well-being and solidifies the lasting success of companies in an ever-evolving world.

Quick Facts


Currently, Dennis Tonon holds the position of Deputy Industrial Director at Amorim Cork Italia, the Italian branch of the prestigious Portuguese Amorim Group, a global leader in cork stopper production. Dennis is a certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt professional. In his professional approach, he demonstrates a profound appreciation for the synergy between science and humanism. The combination of technical expertise and emotional intelligence forms a powerful mix that not only stimulates innovation but also promotes effective and success-oriented leadership. He firmly believes that educating the mind, developing emotional intelligence, and enhancing Social IQ are the keys to self-empowerment and becoming the best version of oneself. Only through this process can we act as directors in creating a success-oriented culture of continuous improvement within the company. After studying engineering, he earned an MBA from the Bologna Business School at the University of Bologna. Additionally, he has completed Executive Programs in Mergers & Acquisitions at the Imperial College Business School of Imperial College London and Strategic Business Management at the University of Cape Town. Dennis, with various passions, including social impact, contends that significant differences can often be made through seemingly modest gestures.

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