Positive Leadership Awards 2023

Positive Leadership Award 2022 is presented to

Erica Rooney

who has been selected from 11 688 nominations  submitted from 22 countries across six continents and recognized as a positive leadership champion, helping people, teams and organizations thrive

Winner’s Best Practice

As a gender equality crusader, I believe in creating positive environments for parents, in particular, working mothers! As a leader and a mom myself, I encourage my team members to put their families first at all times and I live this out by blocking my calendar during the morning and afternoon for carpool pick up and drop off. My children are often seen dashing in the background during the afternoon calls, and my team knows when I need to be gone to do a "kid" thing! This does not extend to only people with children, but also ALL my people. Everyone has a life outside of work, and they should feel as if they can balance both - taking time out of their day for wellness breaks, family breaks, or mental health breaks! This allows my team to bring their whole self to work. They are not shamed for having life responsibilities or conflicts. They are encouraged to do what works best for themselves, and their families.

Quick Facts


Erica Rooney is a relatable & impactful Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach & Consultant, host of the Podcast, From Now to Next, and a Chief People Officer. With 10 years of experience in HR leading organizations in gender equality crusades, & coaching Executive Women, Erica has created a framework that empowers women to get seen, get heard, and get promoted by breaking free from the sticky floors that hold us back from busting through the glass ceiling. She is on a mission to help women get seen, get heard, and GET PROMOTED empowering women to break free from the sticky floors to bust through the glass ceiling. As a top Culture Expert, Erica invigorates and educates organizations through change, driving a positive experience for employees, and guiding executives through the process of change to lead to massive success.

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