Positive Leadership Awards 2023

Positive Leadership Award 2022 is presented to

Haley Pavone

who has been selected from 11 688 nominations  submitted from 22 countries across six continents and recognized as a positive leadership champion, helping people, teams and organizations thrive

Winner’s Best Practice

Promoting work/life balance is a win across the organization. Teammates are hired to achieve goals and complete tasks. If projects are completed well and by deadline - it is irrelevant if they work from 9A-5P, or work in four sets of two hours with breaks for childcare, appointments, grocery shopping, workouts, etc. If an employee is efficient and completes their task list in 5 hours, they should be rewarded with time back vs incentivized to delay personal matters to fill a seat. This kind of employer trust, respect, and flexibility leads to less burnout, higher retention, and efficient productivity.

Quick Facts


Haley Pavone founded Pashion Footwear as a junior in college. In the 6 years since, she has invented and brought to market an innovative new technology and category in the women’s footwear market – fully convertible shoes. Pavone is a patent holder, has raised over $4M in venture funding, appeared on Season 12 of ABC’s Shark Tank, and led Pashion to 450% growth in 2021 in spite of the COVID19 pandemic. Recently named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Pavone is just getting started as Pashion’s mission to empower women through footwear continues to gain incredible traction across the globe.

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