Positive Leadership Awards 2023

Positive Leadership Award 2023 is presented to

Jana Slezakova

who has been selected from 7 399 nominations submitted from 18 countries across five continents and recognized as a positive leadership champion, helping people, teams and organizations thrive

Winner’s Best Practice

Already during my first managerial position, I realized that motivated people in my team were the main motivators for me - and today, people are still the motivators that are driving me forward. I believe when people trust in their leader and understand the vision, they are at the same time motivated to do their best. My best practice is to be close to my team members, share and explain the vision and goals, be transparent, and actively listen to people around me. In a climate of mutual trust, almost every goal is possible to reach.

Quick Facts


After graduating from the University of Economics of Prague, I started my career in the field of sales administration, and later on, I found my passion in logistics. Logistics is an environment where you need technical and logical thinking skills, but at the same time, soft skills are important, too. This combination of requirements is very satisfying for me. During my path in logistics, I first devoted myself to the demand planning area, where I was forecasting the future needs of products. Later on, I switched to the Customer care and Credit department, where I was leading a team operating for 3 countries. Currently, I am preparing myself for the upcoming position of Supply chain manager.

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