Positive Leadership Awards 2023

Positive Leadership Award 2023 is presented to

Jane Bryan

who has been selected from 7 399 nominations submitted from 18 countries across five continents and recognized as a positive leadership champion, helping people, teams and organizations thrive

Winner’s Best Practice

I am passionate about championing the power of dialogue and kindness to build, maintain, and repair relationships. At Warwick University, I created the Kindness on Campus Awards to celebrate acts of kindness, often overlooked, yet the glue that binds a community. I also created the University's mediation service to give staff and students an alternative to leaving conflict to fester unaddressed or pursuing a formal complaint. My proudest achievement, however, is the Say My Name campaign, which highlights the harm caused by name avoidance and mispronunciation and the importance of respecting names to build connections and show respect to others.

Quick Facts


Professor Jane Bryan PhD PFHEA is Professor of law at the University of Warwick. Jane moved into academia after practicing as a solicitor and has taught law at Warwick for almost 20 years, receiving several prestigious teaching awards and being a finalist in the Oxford University Press Law Teacher of the Year Award 2019. Jane is an accredited mediator and created Warwick Mediation, the university’s peer mediation service, to offer training and services to staff and students. Jane was Academic Lead of the University’s Community Values Education Programme (2020-2023) and created the University’s Say My Name project and Kindness Awards.

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