Positive Leadership Awards 2023

Positive Leadership Award 2022 is presented to

Ramses Alcaide

who has been selected from 11 688 nominations  submitted from 22 countries across six continents and recognized as a positive leadership champion, helping people, teams and organizations thrive

Winner’s Best Practice

Empathy is a super power. Empathy does not necessarily mean forgiveness, although forgiving easily is important. It means to understand one another. It can be applied universally. Having empathy for a customer, for example, means to understand their journey and how to improve your product or user experience. Empathy for a co-worker Is vital when life takes a difficult turn. Empathy for art, what does the book, painting or song mean in a deeper way. My leadership style focuses on understanding the deeper value of individuals and their experiences. This allows them to bring the best of themselves forward.

Quick Facts


Dr. Alcaide has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington and PhD in neuroscience from University of Michigan. He is also a 2x winner of the Neuroscience Innovator Award and recipient of the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Ford Foundation Fellowship, and he’s been named a Forbes 1000. Previously the CEO of Pharo LLC and current CEO of Neurable. At Pharo, I managed health projects for universities and clients. As a researcher, I developed brain-computer interfaces and signal processing pipelines. At Neurable, I am hyper-focused on making brain-computer interfaces an everyday device.

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